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Dict Xiong
Dict Xiong

AS Info

NodeClearnet NameDN42 NameDN42 Address


Open for peering.

  • Please pick a fastest node.
    • Do not peer with cn0 and cn1, unless your node is also located in Mainland China.
    • cn0 and cn1 don’t have stable IPv6 access.
  • We support only WireGuard.
    • Please tell us your (1) ASN, (2) public key, (3) clearnet endpoint, (4) DN42 IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, (5) link-local address, and (6) which node you want to peer with.
    • Our side link-local address is fe80::1366.
    • Allowed IPs are,,, fd00::/8, fe80::/64.
  • We use bird2 for BGP.
    • We use Multiprotocol BGP (MP-BGP) and only accept connections on IPv6.
    • We support Extended next hop.
  • Contact us via Email or Telegram.
    • In Chinese or English.